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mainpage1The Women’s Training Program has successfully completed its “modular training course” activity last week in the villages of Yaseed near Nablus, and Ebiat in Bethlehem. The six- month training courses which targeted 110 housewives; 60 from Yaseed and 50 from Ebiat, included modules on environmental health, cooperative work, family health, domestic animal husbandry, agricultural work, mushroom cultivation, bee keeping, food processing, small business  management, and civil legal rights.

snswwnTo celebrate the completion of the modular training, which aimed to improve the socio-economic status and involvement of women in Palestinian society, through strengthening their decision-making capabilities and economic productivity both inside and outside their homes, a graduation ceremony was held in each village.

Present at the events were representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, a representative from governorate offices, village council representatives from the two villages, and community leaders.

snswwn1At the conclusion of the ceremony, and after certificates were distributed to the graduates, an exhibition of products made by the graduates was opened.

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