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The EJ YMCA became full membership of the World alliance of the YMCAs and represented in its Central Committee. PDF Print E-mail

The EJ YMCA became full membership of the World alliance of the YMCAs and represented in its Central Committee.

World Council Day

The East Jerusalem YMCA was accepted as a full member at the World Alliance of the YMCAs and was elected in the Central Committee during the 17th World Council that was held in Hong Kong in July 19 to 24 under the theme “Striving for Global Citizenship for All”. The EJ YMCA effectively participated at the Council with a delegation of 9 members including a youth who took part at the International youth Forum.


The EJ YMCA organized three workshops: Keep Hope Alive and Olive Tree Campaign, Palestinian Women and Development and Trauma Counseling and Psychosocial Intervention - Recourses within the YMCA Movement. Besides the youth presentation Between Suffering and Hope: Youth making a Difference In addition to this the Palestinian booth that the EJ YMCA organized was one of the biggest and most visited. It was a place to distribute gifts and publications among the visitors and hold discussions on different issues including the Palestinian cause.


During the Council meetings the EJ YMCA delegation had meetings with many movements and discussed future cooperation. The delegation was also hosted for three days by the YMCA of Hong Kong and had meetings and presentations on the two movements and also discussed future cooperation".

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Women's Training
Community & Sports Center
Extension Services Unit
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