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East Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation Program PDF Print E-mail

Giving Hope to the Hopeless...


The place where people with disabilities, traumatized and victims of torture find a listening ear and a lending hand...

  • The place where the disabled, traumatized and tortured realize that being disabled, traumatized or tortured never makes one less of a person...
  • The place where the marginalized sectors realize that "everyone is of value" and that nothing is impossible...
  • The place where people - who through no fault of their own- find themselves disabled, traumatized or tortured but still follow a path that certainly leads to success...
  • The place where people with disabilities realize that the human being is always much bigger than disability ...

Read more about the Rehabilitation program here:

A Holistic Approach
Services Rendered
Target Group
Youth Work

A Holistic Approach


Constantly striving for professionalism in every sphere of service, the Rehabilitation Program, which was initiated in 1989, has a dedicated group of professional staff who always exert strenuous efforts to fulfill the human mission of the Program. Furthermore, the holistic approach in rehabilitation provides the beneficiaries with the rehabilitative services needed to help them reach the maximum degree of independence, to accept their disability, to focus on ability and not disability, to become active members in their communities, and to reintegrate into society thus contributing to mobilizing and utilizing the community resources as well as to the reconstruction of the Palestinian society.

The Program's services are provided either by the field workers who cover the whole areas of West Bank, at the surroundings of the beneficiaries, or at the Program's Referral Center in Beit-Sahour.


Since February 1990, the Program launched its outreach division in a successful attempt to develop the Program to include the Center and the field work. Six field teams of the Program have begun working all throughout the areas of West Bank ( Bethlehem and Jerusalem , Jericho , Ramallah, Nablus , Jenin and Tulkarem). This addition gave the YMCA a distinctive nature. It became the first rehabilitation association in the West Bank to work with and through the community in order to achieve the comprehensive reintegration for those who have disabilities, by means of raising the public awareness and mobilizing the community resources available.

Services Rendered

  • Psychosocial counseling, group and individual.
  • Vocational counseling.
  • Counseling traumatized children and youth as well as victims of torture.
  • Family counseling and intervention.
  • Play therapy and art therapy for affected children particularly victims of violence.
  • Rehabilitating PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorders) cases and victims of torture.
  • Vocational assessment.
  • Self-employment projects.
  • Providing academic rehabilitation and aiding services
  • Modification of houses, schools and public facilities to be accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Carrying out awareness campaigns to increase the awareness of the public regarding the disabled cause, rights and needs.
  • Providing training- through the Training Unit- in order to strengthen the social service delivery system for the disadvantaged in the Palestinian community.
  • Carrying out cultural , sports and community activities that aim at reintegrating people with disabilities into public life.
  • Advocating the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Making researches related to disability and trauma in the Palestinian society.
  • Sports activities and youth programs such as camping and leadership training



Target Group

The Program's target group encompasses people with physical disabilities as well as the traumatized victims of political violence and torture, both females and males, who are between 0 and 35 years of age and are in need for rehabilitation.

Youth Work

In its endeavor to empower the community, the YMCA- based on its national and social vision- finds itself obliged to perceive people's concerns and needs and thus to work seriously and responsibly alongside all social sectors, focusing particularly on the marginalized and youth. Through carrying out a variety of youth activities such as camping, sports activities, exchange visits, and developing youth leaderships, amongst many other activities, the YMCA Beit-Sahour helps youth to integrate into public life and to increase awareness regarding their rights, duties as well as their national and humanitarian role.


Vocational Training
Women's Training
Community & Sports Center
Extension Services Unit
Joint Advocacy Initiative