Success Stories
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 08:13

Isma’il – Tulkarem District

At the age of 13, Isma’il along with a group of other young men were arrested from the local barber shop by the Israeli military. They were accused of being involved in an outbreak with soldiers. They were kept in a dark container for eight hours; blindfolded, handcuffed and unable to eat, drink or go to the toilet. They were interrogated, beaten and tormented.

Upon release, it was difficult for Isma’il to return to his normal life; he was silent most of the time and became increasingly angry and aggressive towards his family, and the traumatic experience he went through kept haunting his mind. He proudly shared with his friends that he was imprisoned, and they thought of him as a sort of hero for his toughness.

Shortly, he was contacted by the YMCA counselor in his area and started receiving counseling support to release the anger inside and enable him eliminate his aggressive attitudes. His mother as well received counseling support and was taught techniques to better communicate with her son. Isma’il’s mother says: “After the intervention, I learned how to communicate with him and he was able to share freely with me.”

Isma’il was also in need for remedial education support as his ability to concentrate has dramatically deteriorated due to his detention experience. Moreover, he showed no interest in pursuing his academic life. Therefore, Isma’il received remedial education courses as well as support by the counselor and his family. Isma’il feels the difference today, he says: “Due to the intervention and the support I received, I managed to break free from the trauma I experienced”.

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