Success Stories

Success Stories

Thursday, 08 October 2015 07:07

Zatara Village Primary School

In early October 2015, classes were starting as usual at a primary girls school in Zatara. Zatara, a small village to the south east of Bethlehem, is in Area C under Israeli military control and is no stranger to military actions in the town. By the end of the day, the feeling had vanished as Israeli military jeeps had arrived at the school. They had started shooting tear gas over the walls threatening the girls and their teachers for making too much noise.

Friday, 16 May 2014 12:55

Majdi Mere'i, the city of Tulkarem

Majdi got injured during the second Intifada by the Israeli military. He lost the ability to move and was diagnosed with hemiplegia. By the time he went to Jordan to receive adequate treatment, the counselor of the East Jerusalem YMCA – Rehabilitation Program visited his family to assess their needs during the new reality of Majdi's disability.The counselor made them aware of their son's needs, and how best to communicate and support him during his hardship without marginalizing him or underestimating his capacities. As soon as Majdi came back from Jordan, the counselor started a weekly visit program with him to help him overcome his trauma, provide him with space to release his sadness and re-integrate into the community.

Due to her illness, Umm Mohammed lost her leg and became unable to neither fulfill her daily duties nor take care of herself. Sometimes she had to crawl, other times she arranged things near her. She searched for organizations to support the costs of having an artificial limb but she failed. Until a friend of hers informed her about the East Jerusalem YMCA –Rehabilitation Program who provide services to people with disabilities.

Akram, a young man with speech disorders, was brought up to be used by his family and neighbors to provide different services to them without appreciation or anything in return. He turned out to become a miserable young man, spending his life in isolation with no plans for the future.

In 1991, during one of the Israeli aircraft raids and the dumping of tear gas shells on the village of Jaba' in Jenin District, Ribhiyyeh Abu A'oun became disabled and had to undergo physiotherapy and occupational therapy at Abu Rayya Center in Beitunia.

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