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Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us

If you are seeking to develop your experience in a rich oriental community, enrich your knowledge, help make life better for those who are in need, and fulfill the requirements of your internship as part of your study, the East Jerusalem YMCA - Rehabilitation Program (EJ-YMCA RP) is the right address.

Volunteerism is one of the core values that define EJ-YMCA RP as it was originally started by a group of young volunteers back in 1989, as well as being one of the main concepts in the work of the YMCA movement. The EJ-YMCA RP offers rich opportunities for people who are interested in further supporting its services to reach out to the target groups and affect a change for a better life. We believe that the value of volunteering is much more profound than the value of money as we strive to maintain a healthy and vibrant society. International volunteers as well as local volunteers are welcome within our Program, each according to their own interest, background and abilities to respond to the EJ-YMCA RP’s needs.

As part of the East Jerusalem YMCA, the EJ-YMCA RP provides an ideal model of a Christian ecumenical association that offers equal opportunities to all. It provides developmental and humanitarian services related directly to the needs of the Palestinian society that has been living for decades under a deeply rooted political conflict. Palestine's strategic location and being the birthplace of main monotheistic faiths made it a crossroads for religion, culture, commerce and politics. The Palestinian society as part of the Arab culture has been by far dominated by Islamic traditions although it is the witness to the birth of Christianity and has hosted many Christian missionaries that left an impact on the life pattern of the Christian Palestinian communities residing there and to some extent shaped the history of Palestine. The atmosphere is complex when considering the blend of social, cultural, and political elements that left their mark on Palestine and Palestinians. The historic Holy Land that has for long attracted pilgrims, scholars, and powerful rulers has become an assemblage of conflicted and ruptured geographic areas known for the world as the occupied Palestinian territories, and lately acknowledged by many as Palestine.

Local youth especially fresh graduates seeking to develop their experience are encouraged to be part of the EJ-YMCA RP. Through volunteering with us, they can gain insight to professional life, they can meet with other youth from the different communities in Palestine living under different circumstances, they can gain expertise on the work of civil society organizations providing humanitarian services, and they can get the chance to connect with professional organizations working in the fields of disability, mental health and psychosocial support. Local youth may meet with the personnel of the different departments functioning within the EJ-YMCA RP and choose one that best adds to their academic knowledge and experience.