Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

The EJ-YMCA Rehabilitation Program is run by a team of highly trained professionals covering all departments. Our staff reflects the ideals and skills needed to place the Rehabilitation Program as leader in holistic rehabilitation in Palestine. The management team which includes the local office supervisors have decades of experience in rehabilitation, psychosocial support and counselling. And they supervise a team of local specialists who are well aware of the needs of their communities and who receive continuous training and supervision in order to keep up with the latest techniques and methods and build their capacity.

The services of the Rehabilitation Program are provided with the help of a group of dedicated volunteers who facilitate the activities and support the specialist in conducting group sessions. 

The main facility in Beit Sahour is the heart of the entire operation and it utilizes a number of technical experts in the fields of IT, finance, vocational assessment and project management, in addition to a professional team that tends to the daily needs of the facility.


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